Your Sugar Mamas

In this world full of pains and hard stuff we all need someone to help us out in this tragic life. We all need to find someone that will be there for us and make our life better. a lot of us are practical enough to find someone that can financially support them. All of us need someone that will be there for us to make us feel good and have a positive life.

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I met an older woman that is so filth rich but no partner. I mean she’s been widowed for about eight years now and have no man after. we met in an event and I knew that this woman has admiration towards me. she even ask me my number. a day after she called me and ask me to have a dinner with  her. I was fetched by a classy car and been brought to fine restaurant that only rich people can afford. I knew that in that moment she was asking me more of that. The way she look into my eyes and talk to me is telling something. I knew that something on it was kind of different.

I knew that dating older woman can help me everything. she can finance me in everything I really like about. she is the kind of person that generous to me and in return I have to give my life to her. it’s her that I cared the most. whenever we spent time together I knew that she wants me to give my whole to her and only her. the payback that I have to give is my loyalty to her. I wasn’t allowed to meet anyone woman because she was kind of jealous easily.

I respect her on that and I do not care. what I care is having a sugar mama to pay whatever I love. I can buy everything without any hard work. she can sustain my needs in a snap. What I love about having sugar mamas is that you don’t have to worry anything. you can get instantly your dream car or house. you have a lot of money.

In order for a sugar mama to trust you is for you to n faithful because they do not like to be fool around. they want someone that will love her and comfort them specially in an exhausting day. this lady has always been good to me and to my family. Sugar mamas are great companions too,they will always be there for you to help you out in your problems. for me I will never let go of having sugar mama because i am financially stable in life and nothing to work more.

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