We do not have control over how people feel

out of billions of people in the world, even one have no control of how people feel. No matter how much we do, we have no power to make someone emotions and thoughts change. And that is the real truth. That is why in this world of which change is the only constant, you have to be responsible enough to what you say towards other people. You have to be responsible enough on how people feel because we are human. And everyone of us is different and unique. We never knew what the person is going on or how their life went through that is why speaking less or intelligently would help.

The important part of a person life is to also make other people feel that they are loved. that no matter how hard the situation is you are always there to inspire and motivate. A lot of us have enemies and fought for non sense. Some of it is because of a hearsay or gossip. The best thing is never make any lies towards other people or if you heard something about them, keeping it would be the best option. in this life all we have to do is to help each other up. If we see the other person is suffering it’s good to lift them up. it’s important to make other person feel better at all.

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making a person feel good is what’s important because once we hurt or broke their heart we could never mend that easily. That is why being conscious about what other people think is really essential at all. Never make anything so selfish even if you know that it could hurt somebody else. The most important in a human life is how we make other people feel good at all. it’s important that we spread love and happiness to anyone.

There are lots of people who were unfortunate enough to choose suicide because it was the only thing they had in mind to stop the pain. Whatever we plant in someone’s mind may grow into something bad or good depend on how you plant it that is why be true to your intentions towards other people. These days a lot of people committed suicide to run away everyone that tried to hurt to small them. it’s really important to know what others feel more than you because that also gives you the kind of happiness that money can’t buy. it’s very important to have someone in our life to always make us happy and lift up us. We can’t control people feelings but we can minimize the pain and trouble they face through. We can be a good influence to everyone if we start little by little today.

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