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Why WordPress is the best Platform to build your Business

Why WordPress is the best Platform to build your Business

wordpress There’s no doubt WordPress is a good content management system (CMS) and a platform for online presence of many small businesses and startups. According to statistics, more than 60% of the websites on the internet are built in WordPress.  WordPress now allows businesses of any kind to create fully functional websites and Mobile applications for their business. WordPress services are available to all forms of businesses both large and small. Besides the fact that you don’t need to be a tech guru to start using WordPress, there’s a need to involve a WordPress website design company like WPTangerine.com for seamless functionality.

Why WordPress Best Platform

Here are some of the main reasons why WordPress is the best platform to build your business regardless of the type and size. It’s totally free Everybody likes free stuff and especially when it comes to starting Businesses. WordPress gives you a chance to develop a fully functional mobile application and a website for your business for Free. You can actually download WordPress free, install it and do whatever you want to do without paying a single coin.

Easy to use

WordPress has become the most popular CMS because of the fact that it’s easy to use and learn. Beginners and Intermediate beginners can make something functional after a short period of learning. People with no technical knowledge can as well add and update content on the website without having to pay a web designer.

SEO friendly

I bet you want to make your business visible to the online community. If that is the aim, then WordPress has some SEO friendly Plugins which Search engines love. It also features a clean, consistent code which is why the Google spiders can index it with ease.

It’s safe

Although WordPress has been the main target by hackers because of its popularity, it’s safe security wise. The company releases a number of plugins and themes now and then with improved security features.  wordpress start your business

WordPress FAQs

Why is WordPress a good platform for developing websites?

WordPress comes with powerful SEO plugins and wonderful themes which is the reason why it is the number one website builder and system for managing content for bloggers, web developers, web designers, and business owners.

Is WordPress good for Business?

WordPress is good for Business because it’s easy to set up, manage and update. It also comes with some nice SEO plugins that Search engines love. Another important thing to note is that you don’t need to be a HTML coder to use WordPress. These and many other reasons make WordPress perfect for small businesses and startups.

Is WordPress good for Professional websites?

Yes, WordPress is the best platform for professional websites because of its intuitive User Interface, popularity, rich features, useful plugins, and easy customization facilities.

Why are WordPress Websites a popular target for hackers?

All websites on the Internet are in great risk of hacking but the WordPress popularity is what makes it a popular target by hackers. Another thing is that WordPress has a couple of plugins and Themes that increases the risk if they’re out of date.