Queen Size Bed – The Most Popular Mattress Size

Queen Mattresses (https://gottasleep.com/blogs/sleep-talk/queen-size-bed) are currently the most popular bed size in the US, and our Queen Mattress Reviews as well as our guide to Queen Mattresses make it easy to see why. Queen size mattresses are also some of our most versatile sizes, allowing couples to sleep comfortably and still fit into a small bedroom. Whether you’re single or sharing a bed with a partner, a queen is a mattress size that you won’t outgrow in no time.

The popularity of queen mattresses has also increased the demand for queen-size bed frames. Most bedrooms can comfortably accommodate a queen mattress, and their popularity means there are accessories and linens to choose from.

A queen-size bed provides enough space for individual sleepers to stretch out and sleep comfortably, and you can choose one that suits your needs, such as a king-size bed or queen-size bed.

Built for couples, queen-size mattresses offer you extra sleeping space without consuming your bedroom like a king-size mattress, but they are often adopted by couples who do not have enough space for two or more people in the same bed. Two people fit into a queen size bed without having to reserve six feet of space for the king bed, and two people fit comfortably into one of the queen beds.

Queens are ideal if you have a couple staying in a guest room because a full bed quickly feels too cosy.

A queen size bed is probably one of the most popular mattress sizes, but it is not the only one. A queen mattress size measures 2 – 3 inches taller or smaller, depending on the fabric tick, and is within a set of standard queen bed dimensions for its frame.

A queen size bed is a bed with two beds, sometimes referred to as a double bed, a king size bed and a queen size bed. Although the queen and king have the same length, the queen beds are about 1.5 – 2 inches larger than the kings and slightly longer than a single bed, but not quite as high. The queen beds are about 2-3 inches shorter than their king-size counterparts and about 3-4 inches wider.


King size beds are able to offer a tremendous upgrade when it comes to bedroom space and offer plenty of room for a couple who can share. Although they do not offer more legroom than a queen-size bed, the extra width will make a big difference in terms of comfort and should be the equivalent of two twin-size mattresses, they should provide significantly reduced movement, especially if you are an active sleeper. Although they do not offer more legroom than the queen-size sleepers, this extra length and width, as well as the addition of a king-size mattress, will still make a huge difference.


This bed is also ideal for those who have an adjustable bed base and for those who prefer mattresses that are softer or firmer. For more individuality, those who prefer a size that is best suited to a multifunctional guest room, you can also get a different mattress on each side. Although they are the same size as a standard queen, there are split queen beds in a variety of sizes, allowing for versatility, which might be good for some people considering which size is the best in their room. These size beds are also ideal for people who need to have a mattress that feels more like a king size mattress than a queen size bed.

You cannot decide whether you prefer a queen or a king size bed, but you are looking for a bed with an adjustable bed base, adjustable mattress and a different mattress size? Fine Furniture in San Diego has these beds for those who are looking for an alternative to the standard queen size bed for their guest room.

Looking at the statistics, it is easy to see why choosing the right bed and mattress is an important decision. If you get the recommended amount of sleep per night, you will spend a third of your life in bed.

If you have large furniture and your room is not large enough for a large bed, two people can be an excellent choice as they can have a little more bedrooms at this size. The Olympic queen, sometimes referred to as the “extended queen,” is 6 inches wider than a standard queen. A queen-size bed frame is designed for mattresses that are 60 ‘wide and

If you have children who often lie next to you and are not quite ready for a long bed, this is a good choice. If you have little space or your children are prepared for long beds, a full bed can be a really great guest room.


If you have a cramped room and want to sleep alone or if you have a partner, a full size mattress is the perfect solution because it can get quite cramped, especially with the extra six inches that a queen size mattress provides. Queen size mattresses are perfect for those who sleep comfortably in a bed where there is plenty of space between them and their partner.