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Furniture Buying Tips


Choosing furniture can be a very thoughtful and time consuming task. Here we have listed some tips that will aid you to take an enlightened approach to buying:


1. A piece of furniture should have at least one function. If you can find a piece of furniture that can fulfil at least your basic requirement plus an additional useful function then it is worth having a closer look.


2. The design should be harmonious to its surroundings. By harmonious we mean appealing to the eye. What differentiates it from another piece that can fulfil the same function?


3. A piece of furniture should last well beyond the function you require it to do. For this the construction of the piece of furniture should also warrant some attention. There is no point buying a piece of furniture that just looks good yet fails to stand up to the function it is required for.


4. Check for materials and methods used in its construction and finishing, i.e. Is it made from solid wood, leather or a manmade material? Is it stapled or glued together? Or is it properly constructed using established techniques such as dovetailing, dowelling etc. This scrutiny will give you some idea of how long it will last serving the function you require it to.


5. If a piece of furniture suits your functional needs, and offers more functions, is designed and well made and will outlast its required function and is within the price bracket of a similar piece then with less functionality then it is worth contemplating the purchase. 


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