First Date Ask What Makes Them Happiest

Dates should never be taken for granted. it means a lot if you could only see it. Many of us do not know what to do during first dates that is why it will not end up so good. If you want the person so bad you should be aware what makes them happy in the first place. in that way you could find what will be your next move. the importance of first date is really essential, its the moment you have to impress the person or know a little bit about them.

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First date is one of the best time to celebrate with. it’s the time to know each other well. I’ve been in a lot of dating events but as I go through it and based on my experiences I knew that this time it will work.

Somewhere in college I have this one woman that I really admired the most but could not get the chance to court with her. there is no words that I can say to her, she is truly the girl of my dreams. Loving someone like her really means a lot. but I never took any courage to say my feelings to her until our path separated. I never seen her for more than five years and I’ve dated a lot during those times.

Unfortunately after the first date nothing happened and it were all bad. After so many years that one woman I admired came back for good. We are now more matured and adult now. Actually we worked in the same company. Nothing makes me a lot happy more than seeing her everyday. I told myself that I won’t let this girl pass by again. I want to spend the rest of my days with her and love her all the way. I asked her to have a date with me and she said yes. I did think a lot about it before the day. I thought of asking her what makes her happy so I can have an idea on what to do.

The date really went well, we have a great night together. we have a lot to catch up after college. I really care about this girl that is why I did my best to know what she likes the most and what makes her happy. I just want to get this girl that is why I am doing my best to do what I can.

By the time that I know what makes her happy I started to become happy as well. This person has made me who I am and means a lot to me. By doing the things that makes her happy it finally lead me of having her. this girl is truly the one and the love of my life.

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