Blacks have been treated as second class citizens ever since the past

Life is sometimes unfair and injustice. ever since the humanity exists, they have this kind of standards that makes them lifting in life. it’s so sad how racists people can sleep at night making other people feel less about themselves. it’s so sad to be in a world where everyone has standards to follow and if you do not belong, you are a trash. We can’t deny how black people had been through the years in the hands of racists. even the start of humanity, black people is often discriminated.  it is painful to watch how black people went thru through time. they’ve been label as low class people and been mistreated always.

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During the past when freedom and justice is not working, black people have suffered so much to many white people. they were treated like animals, they were trades and sell to become a slave. it was the most difficult time of those people when justice is not served. and it took a long time for them to finally meet justice. A lot of people abused these black folks just because of their skin tone. if people could only choose what nationality they could be,perhaps nobody will choose being black because of how people sees them. it break the heart for millions of black people in the world for making them feel like they don’t belong in this world. There are lots of movies and documentaries today that shows how black people suffer for a long time. they are being slave and killed. The worst part is that their feelings does not matter at all.

Though today there’s a huge change of how people sees these black ones there are still few people who are racists and try to make other people feel bad. I don’t think these people deserve it at all. many black people are striving hard to educate themselves, to work on their skills and go beyond. they are now fighting for their right because it’s not all about white people. these days a lot of black people have known their rights and they know they are more capable enough than being slave. today’s time black people are slowly accepted in society as they have also prove their talents and skills as human being. there are now laws that being racist is a crime. Black people gained respect because they have fight for it. and through time they have been able to make it through. besides not all white people are racists becaue3 some of them also help these black folks to find justice. no matter what they went through in life everything has finally come to an end. black people liv3s matter the most and we shouldn’t take it for granted. people should learn to love and accept every nationality in the world,black or white deserve acceptance. we should spread kindness and respect to each one of us. no on3 deserved being neglected.

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