Being single in this coming Christmas

Christmas is a yearly celebration that we all waited for. It’s the time of the year to have fun, relax and spend time with the loved ones. Every Christmas most of us spend it with our family or our lover. it’s just that Christmas has a big impact on us.

But if you are single there is nothing wrong with that. Remember that your time will come and at the end you will find the person who will celebrate with you on Christmas. its not bad celebrating Christmas alone as long as you have family around you that is more than okay. there is nothing in this world that could feel better than being with your family, a girlfriend or boyfriend is just a bonus.

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Life is precious, never make anything an issue at all. There are still a lot of things you can do being single on Christmas. Just like what I did for the past 8 years. First I accepted it that it wasn’t the right time for me or was my lucky. for me if you stop looking for it you will start to appreciate life. Always remember that you should not rush things at all. Always believe that great things take time and when you finally learn from it you will start to see the beauty around you. List the things you want to do during the holidays since it was also the time of leave from work. I suggested to go places that will make you happy. And just take a lot of pictures of yourself there and note every detail. you will learned to realize that you are happy during those times. that it’s not worth it to be sad at all. Being single does not mean that you have to feel Christmas alone. Stop romanticising other peoples relationship because it will just make you sad and want a rush person. If I were you, look for the things that you never get the chance to do in your life. How about surprising your family? They deserve more of our salary than anyone else. Nothing can be a lot better than making your family happy, above all they are the ones who always there for you to cheer you up all the time.

what is important is that you will learn to enjoy yourself and the people around you for now. never let the negativity of the world or the pressure eat your happiness. I bet that there are still a lot of things you want to explore. learning to be okay on things that you don’t have is the most perfect way to be happy. it must be the ultimate thing you do. Being single also mean that you are free and wild to do the things that makes you happy. enjoy that moments every Christmas. There is nothing more satisfying than spending Christmas with family.

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