Babies everywhere!

Felt all around me are just pregnant or have had a baby! Just like my friend Verena. She and her husband Max are among my closest friends for 13 years. I can still remember all the pranks we played on our classmates at school and now – hard to believe how fast time goes by – they are just having a baby.

At the airport last year they surprised Tim and me with the big news. I was totally excited. It felt like it was my own so I was really happy. Even Tim could not calm me down. My tears could have easily filled a whole bucket. To all the happiness I can now proudly say: I will be Ana Johnson’s godmother! Besides the proposal of marriage, this is one of the most emotional questions I have ever been asked. Slowly the seriousness of life begins and the day of birth is getting closer and closer, soon I can hold the little nipper in my arms. But until then, the mommy to be has a big highlight coming up: the baby diaper party.

And I had the great honor to plan it! The trend for expectant mommies to plan a party has of course spilled over from America. Meanwhile, however, also in Germany frequently seen, fortunately, because I love baby parties! All of the pregnant woman’s loved ones come together, support her and show her how much they are happy with her. What do you think about a babyshower? Would you like to have one or have you even had one yourself?

Write me your experiences in the comments.

How to create the perfect surprise!

Get a pen and a piece of paper and start planning right away. The earlier the better. First think about WHEN, WHERE and WHO should be involved. As so often, finding a date is the most difficult part, but there is a good alternative. Doodle. Here you can easily check online dates with all guests.

I know everyone curses it, but I decided to create a WhatsApp group with all surprise guests and added a rough schedule. I’m surprised myself how well it worked. Since Verena is such an incredibly big family person, it was clear to me that the family should not be missing on this day. So we girls started off in a classic way among us and husband Max as well as Verena’s parents and siblings joined us later.

Decide at which place you want to celebrate. Since baby parties usually take place a few months before the birth, you should make your girlfriend as comfortable as possible. It is best to choose a location in her familiar surroundings. I have chosen Verena’s home. To make sure nothing goes wrong, get someone on board to lure the expectant mom out of the apartment. Verena’s husband Max gave me the key a few days before.

I didn’t get a wink of sleep the nights before, so I panicked that Verena would get some of it. On the day of the baby shower we all parked in the side streets and jumped out of the bushes in an undercover mission after they left the house. My pulse was continuously on 180, I was so incredibly nervous! What if Verena will be back at the door any moment? But of course Max had the situation perfectly under control. And we could prepare the apartment for the upcoming party in peace.

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