London Girls vs American Girls

it’s no secret that American girls are much more liberated and few spirited. it’s the most obvious distinction between the both of them. when it dating it is also the same. London girls are much more conservative and it’s going to take more time to get them to be like American girls. it’s two cultures that are very similar in the surface but deep inside it’s much more different. when it comes to dating American girls are much free and empowered. they are not really shamed from dating another guy from the other. it’s just the kind of thing that a lot of people do and it seems like it does not bother people anymore.

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but when it comes to London girls things are much more serious and slow. it does not take only a few moments to get to know all London girl and her to come home. it’s going to take more than that. it is viewed as more decent with a lot of humility when it comes to dating. there are still a lot of the old values that is alive when it comes to dating a London lady. even though that is not going to stay forever the fact is that there is a much more time and progress to impress or to date a London girl. it’s not like in America when everyone seems to be free from seeing everyone else. as long as they are decent enough to have things in life and know how to get entangled with one person dating in America can be endless. it’s much more forgiving for ladies to date a lot of guys. it can be a good thing and a bad thing because it seems like the values are slowly deteriorating and there is no way to go back. time can change a person and that is what happened with America.

they seems to be so well adjusted and more understanding that it feels like there is nothing can go wrong. people may like that kind of lifestyle but there are still a lot of guys who are looking for traditional ladies who are conservatives and old fashion. is a strait that is slowly dying with other countries but on London it is still much alive. girls on London have a neighbourly image and friendly appeal to a lot of people. it’s typically harder to make a London girl fall in love especially with cheat tricks. it does not work that we’ll. the fact is that I’m America the story is that when you have shiny and new cars with so much money there will be endless women chasing after you. that is kind of the image and the story that they Want to have. but with it comes to London it is a much more older style of women who is more conservative and has a lot of humility. there is definitely a lot of difference that is present.

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Your Sugar Mamas

In this world full of pains and hard stuff we all need someone to help us out in this tragic life. We all need to find someone that will be there for us and make our life better. a lot of us are practical enough to find someone that can financially support them. All of us need someone that will be there for us to make us feel good and have a positive life.

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I met an older woman that is so filth rich but no partner. I mean she’s been widowed for about eight years now and have no man after. we met in an event and I knew that this woman has admiration towards me. she even ask me my number. a day after she called me and ask me to have a dinner with  her. I was fetched by a classy car and been brought to fine restaurant that only rich people can afford. I knew that in that moment she was asking me more of that. The way she look into my eyes and talk to me is telling something. I knew that something on it was kind of different.

I knew that dating older woman can help me everything. she can finance me in everything I really like about. she is the kind of person that generous to me and in return I have to give my life to her. it’s her that I cared the most. whenever we spent time together I knew that she wants me to give my whole to her and only her. the payback that I have to give is my loyalty to her. I wasn’t allowed to meet anyone woman because she was kind of jealous easily.

I respect her on that and I do not care. what I care is having a sugar mama to pay whatever I love. I can buy everything without any hard work. she can sustain my needs in a snap. What I love about having sugar mamas is that you don’t have to worry anything. you can get instantly your dream car or house. you have a lot of money.

In order for a sugar mama to trust you is for you to n faithful because they do not like to be fool around. they want someone that will love her and comfort them specially in an exhausting day. this lady has always been good to me and to my family. Sugar mamas are great companions too,they will always be there for you to help you out in your problems. for me I will never let go of having sugar mama because i am financially stable in life and nothing to work more.

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We do not have control over how people feel

out of billions of people in the world, even one have no control of how people feel. No matter how much we do, we have no power to make someone emotions and thoughts change. And that is the real truth. That is why in this world of which change is the only constant, you have to be responsible enough to what you say towards other people. You have to be responsible enough on how people feel because we are human. And everyone of us is different and unique. We never knew what the person is going on or how their life went through that is why speaking less or intelligently would help.

The important part of a person life is to also make other people feel that they are loved. that no matter how hard the situation is you are always there to inspire and motivate. A lot of us have enemies and fought for non sense. Some of it is because of a hearsay or gossip. The best thing is never make any lies towards other people or if you heard something about them, keeping it would be the best option. in this life all we have to do is to help each other up. If we see the other person is suffering it’s good to lift them up. it’s important to make other person feel better at all.

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making a person feel good is what’s important because once we hurt or broke their heart we could never mend that easily. That is why being conscious about what other people think is really essential at all. Never make anything so selfish even if you know that it could hurt somebody else. The most important in a human life is how we make other people feel good at all. it’s important that we spread love and happiness to anyone.

There are lots of people who were unfortunate enough to choose suicide because it was the only thing they had in mind to stop the pain. Whatever we plant in someone’s mind may grow into something bad or good depend on how you plant it that is why be true to your intentions towards other people. These days a lot of people committed suicide to run away everyone that tried to hurt to small them. it’s really important to know what others feel more than you because that also gives you the kind of happiness that money can’t buy. it’s very important to have someone in our life to always make us happy and lift up us. We can’t control people feelings but we can minimize the pain and trouble they face through. We can be a good influence to everyone if we start little by little today.

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First Date Ask What Makes Them Happiest

Dates should never be taken for granted. it means a lot if you could only see it. Many of us do not know what to do during first dates that is why it will not end up so good. If you want the person so bad you should be aware what makes them happy in the first place. in that way you could find what will be your next move. the importance of first date is really essential, its the moment you have to impress the person or know a little bit about them.

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First date is one of the best time to celebrate with. it’s the time to know each other well. I’ve been in a lot of dating events but as I go through it and based on my experiences I knew that this time it will work.

Somewhere in college I have this one woman that I really admired the most but could not get the chance to court with her. there is no words that I can say to her, she is truly the girl of my dreams. Loving someone like her really means a lot. but I never took any courage to say my feelings to her until our path separated. I never seen her for more than five years and I’ve dated a lot during those times.

Unfortunately after the first date nothing happened and it were all bad. After so many years that one woman I admired came back for good. We are now more matured and adult now. Actually we worked in the same company. Nothing makes me a lot happy more than seeing her everyday. I told myself that I won’t let this girl pass by again. I want to spend the rest of my days with her and love her all the way. I asked her to have a date with me and she said yes. I did think a lot about it before the day. I thought of asking her what makes her happy so I can have an idea on what to do.

The date really went well, we have a great night together. we have a lot to catch up after college. I really care about this girl that is why I did my best to know what she likes the most and what makes her happy. I just want to get this girl that is why I am doing my best to do what I can.

By the time that I know what makes her happy I started to become happy as well. This person has made me who I am and means a lot to me. By doing the things that makes her happy it finally lead me of having her. this girl is truly the one and the love of my life.

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Being single in this coming Christmas

Christmas is a yearly celebration that we all waited for. It’s the time of the year to have fun, relax and spend time with the loved ones. Every Christmas most of us spend it with our family or our lover. it’s just that Christmas has a big impact on us.

But if you are single there is nothing wrong with that. Remember that your time will come and at the end you will find the person who will celebrate with you on Christmas. its not bad celebrating Christmas alone as long as you have family around you that is more than okay. there is nothing in this world that could feel better than being with your family, a girlfriend or boyfriend is just a bonus.

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Life is precious, never make anything an issue at all. There are still a lot of things you can do being single on Christmas. Just like what I did for the past 8 years. First I accepted it that it wasn’t the right time for me or was my lucky. for me if you stop looking for it you will start to appreciate life. Always remember that you should not rush things at all. Always believe that great things take time and when you finally learn from it you will start to see the beauty around you. List the things you want to do during the holidays since it was also the time of leave from work. I suggested to go places that will make you happy. And just take a lot of pictures of yourself there and note every detail. you will learned to realize that you are happy during those times. that it’s not worth it to be sad at all. Being single does not mean that you have to feel Christmas alone. Stop romanticising other peoples relationship because it will just make you sad and want a rush person. If I were you, look for the things that you never get the chance to do in your life. How about surprising your family? They deserve more of our salary than anyone else. Nothing can be a lot better than making your family happy, above all they are the ones who always there for you to cheer you up all the time.

what is important is that you will learn to enjoy yourself and the people around you for now. never let the negativity of the world or the pressure eat your happiness. I bet that there are still a lot of things you want to explore. learning to be okay on things that you don’t have is the most perfect way to be happy. it must be the ultimate thing you do. Being single also mean that you are free and wild to do the things that makes you happy. enjoy that moments every Christmas. There is nothing more satisfying than spending Christmas with family.

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Blacks have been treated as second class citizens ever since the past

Life is sometimes unfair and injustice. ever since the humanity exists, they have this kind of standards that makes them lifting in life. it’s so sad how racists people can sleep at night making other people feel less about themselves. it’s so sad to be in a world where everyone has standards to follow and if you do not belong, you are a trash. We can’t deny how black people had been through the years in the hands of racists. even the start of humanity, black people is often discriminated.  it is painful to watch how black people went thru through time. they’ve been label as low class people and been mistreated always.

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During the past when freedom and justice is not working, black people have suffered so much to many white people. they were treated like animals, they were trades and sell to become a slave. it was the most difficult time of those people when justice is not served. and it took a long time for them to finally meet justice. A lot of people abused these black folks just because of their skin tone. if people could only choose what nationality they could be,perhaps nobody will choose being black because of how people sees them. it break the heart for millions of black people in the world for making them feel like they don’t belong in this world. There are lots of movies and documentaries today that shows how black people suffer for a long time. they are being slave and killed. The worst part is that their feelings does not matter at all.

Though today there’s a huge change of how people sees these black ones there are still few people who are racists and try to make other people feel bad. I don’t think these people deserve it at all. many black people are striving hard to educate themselves, to work on their skills and go beyond. they are now fighting for their right because it’s not all about white people. these days a lot of black people have known their rights and they know they are more capable enough than being slave. today’s time black people are slowly accepted in society as they have also prove their talents and skills as human being. there are now laws that being racist is a crime. Black people gained respect because they have fight for it. and through time they have been able to make it through. besides not all white people are racists becaue3 some of them also help these black folks to find justice. no matter what they went through in life everything has finally come to an end. black people liv3s matter the most and we shouldn’t take it for granted. people should learn to love and accept every nationality in the world,black or white deserve acceptance. we should spread kindness and respect to each one of us. no on3 deserved being neglected.

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Are you finding your relationship a challenged?

No relationship is easy, and that applies in all kind of connections that we have. Life maybe hard but having someone that will always be there for you is one of a kind. Life is hard and it has always been that way. Finding the right one for you is one of the best thing to happen in this life. we should always figure out if we still find ourselves happy in the relationship. one thing I learned these days that never settle for less or insert yourself in a relationship that is not worth it. For me having someone that will make your life better is for keep but if it make it worsts then set it free. I have been through in a lot of hard times these days. but what’s make me happy is that along the way I am able to make it. Life is composed of happiness and sadness and I’m choosing happiness over it. No matter if it costs my relationship to break it’s fine as long as I am at peace in my own.

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I stop pursuing someone if I have no means in their life. for me being alone is better than being with someone else. I could never imagine myself pity for love. its a disrespect for anyone. When I found out that my long-time boyfriend has found someone else that’s when I stop. I don’t want to spend my whole life with someone who isn’t contented at all. No matter how much I want to keep the years and memories we had it doesn’t makes sense when i am not comfortable anymore and have trust issues. I am setting him free which also means that I am giving myself a favour to set my self too. I want to live a life where I don’t have to think a lot of what my boyfriend does. I want to be in a relationship where I can  trust and feel good about. In this harsh world in life what’s more important is to find someone that will always love and protect your feelings. it’s really important that we find someone that will always be there for us. Life maybe hard but I want to walk it with someone whom I can be my shelter and my refuge.

We should never allow years to meditate our decisions in life. if it does not make sense at all then stop it. For me allowing yourself to be happy is one of the great things in life. No matter what you do in life being who you are and honest in yourself still matters. You have to walk away in a relationship that won’t add up on your life. Just like what I did, I thought I made a huge mistake for breaking up with someone I love but thats also the reason that I made it on top. Now I am finally happy and free. I am not rushing into love again.

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Don’t forget to listen to the answers when in dating

There are countless reasons why a date would fail. But it does start in the small things that not a lot of people are aware of. One of the most important thing on a date is listening. There are needs that needs to be met on dates and it’s really a must to do it right especially when it comes to a lady. Listing to her is the most important part because that might be the time for her to get vulnerable and talk something that is very important to her. Listening to her is one of the biggest thing that can make things a little better. It can be hard to deal with a guy who talks too much on a date all of the time. It’s never fun for a lady to have to endure it for so long. She should freely say what she wants to say especially the first few dates. It’s one of the most effective way to build a connection with someone that is special. It’s nice to talk to a man who knows how to listen and show interest to a woman. the way to do that is to ask important question to her like what does her interest is and what things does she loves to do. That would open up the idea of what she really is as a person and it can all start with listening and just asking her for what she wants to do in her life. The small things can prove to be really important at the end of the day. There are many dates that go on so well because the lady does feel really important and wanted by the person that she is dating. It can all start with something small and could get to where it would get serious. There is plenty of things to learn about when it comes to dealing with a lady. The more that she talks the more that she would be most likely feel comfortable. That’s why it is an interesting feeling to show a lady what she wants to see. There are enough guys out there that keeps on messing up when it comes to dating. It can be a weird thing where there are a lot of things that could go wrong. At the end of the day it does make a lot of sense to try to be a little more sensitive and figure out what is in her mind rather than always staying passive when it comes to dating. There’s much to work on in dating. that’s why it will always be important to find a way towards making a woman feel better and make her feel more comfortable along the way. She does need to feel comfortable and happy in a date in order for it to work out. At the end of the day it works to be more present and find out who she truly is.

Does she really Like you?

Reading the signals wrong that a girl has can get a guy in to a sticky situation. it is not easy to figure out what she truly feels inside. There are just a lot of people who has a great poker face and getting through that kind of defense can be impossible sometimes. That’s when there might be a lot of questions that a guy can ask himself like, if it is the right time to ask her out or if it is appropriate to tell her that she is a gorgeous woman. it all falls on to a guy to know what she is really thinking sometimes. And for truly making it work can be one of the best thing that could happen. one of the things that are very common for a lot of lady’s is when she might be feeling uncomfortable because she is nervous. It’s really a great way to see if she is really interested especially when talking to her. Not all nervousness is bad. There are just times when it’s very obvious what is the reason behind the way that she acts. if may be she can’t talk properly and she can’t stand still small things like that is very important to look for in a date. not everyone is comfortable in being with a guy that she thinks is cool or she likes. it can take a lot of pressure and it’s only a matter of time when she might crack. But when she is very still and cold that is the total opposite. trying to impress or talk to a woman who has always a straight answer and don’t really have a lot things to say is like banging someone’s head in the door. Ways to tell if she is interested in you at Talking to a woman who is not interested is always going to be short and simple. Some are kind and don’t want to be ride. but inside she just might think to get as far away to the conversation as she can be. it’s also possible to find out what she feels by the way she welcomes you. it is always nice to talk to a woman who is inviting and don’t want the conversation to end. if she wants to hang around even though it’s not probably time to be around each other anymore then she is investing her time and seeing where it can go. at the end of the day it’s really important to see the way that she acts and don’t be too aggressive because when a lady is on the defensive side. it’s one of the most annoying thing to do. she might never want to get close or to open up because she feels threatened because a guy puts her in an uncomfortable spot. sensing if she has a good feeling about you can take a long time. as a woman ages. the more that she can hide her feelings well. but in time it is always going to unravel. Does she really like you? read more here

best moments in every relationship.

There are lots of things that can be consider best moments in a relationship and its just the best feeling in the world at all. Relationship is composed of two people that are deeply in love with each other. Having someone that you can tell all your day was amazing, someone that you can trust with all your life. Life is lot easier when you have someone that you can share with. Someone that you don’t want to let down. I believe that the best thing in life is making new memories and keep it in your heart forever. The 11 best moments in a relationship read more here The best moments in every relationship is seeing your partner sacrifice for you. It’s one way of proving that your partner has deep feelings for you. It making your feel that you are important in his or her life. Another thing is sharing your struggles in life and help it together. The best way to make your partner feeling good is being with her during hard times, in that way she or he will get strength from you. Supporting each other is also consider best moments especially one of you is successful in career or have something to start a business with, just being there means a lot. When you support each other, it makes your partner feel motivated and more inspired to do her or his best. That even your partner fails in her chosen career, she or he can guarantee that she or he will always have you. Travelling together also means a lot in a relationship. It’s one of the best moments to look forward in a relationship. In that way you can know your partners attitude more. As they say that travelling makes you see the soul of the person. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than having someone that you are comfortable with. When you travel, go to many places and make some new memories. Take a picture of it so that someday those images will remind you how special that time in your life. Another thing is that having a goal together. When both of you are passionate of what you want to happen in life, it will surely come true. For example, saving together is way more practical for your future and if both of you will be able to agree on this part, this will be the best moment to look back in life. When you got all of your wants and sitting together, talking about how you succeed in life and the process in just amazing. Best moments in life are sometimes happening in the most unexpected way even if you didn’t plan for it, that will come naturally. Every moment with your partner is considered the best ones because that’s the most joyful feeling in the world. Having each other through thick and thin is happiness and money can’t buy it. What’s the most important one is that both of you are happy of what you have in life and color all the drawings you have. From first date to Honeymoon stage read more here at