Are you finding your relationship a challenged?

No relationship is easy, and that applies in all kind of connections that we have. Life maybe hard but having someone that will always be there for you is one of a kind. Life is hard and it has always been that way. Finding the right one for you is one of the best thing to happen in this life. we should always figure out if we still find ourselves happy in the relationship. one thing I learned these days that never settle for less or insert yourself in a relationship that is not worth it. For me having someone that will make your life better is for keep but if it make it worsts then set it free. I have been through in a lot of hard times these days. but what’s make me happy is that along the way I am able to make it. Life is composed of happiness and sadness and I’m choosing happiness over it. No matter if it costs my relationship to break it’s fine as long as I am at peace in my own.

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I stop pursuing someone if I have no means in their life. for me being alone is better than being with someone else. I could never imagine myself pity for love. its a disrespect for anyone. When I found out that my long-time boyfriend has found someone else that’s when I stop. I don’t want to spend my whole life with someone who isn’t contented at all. No matter how much I want to keep the years and memories we had it doesn’t makes sense when i am not comfortable anymore and have trust issues. I am setting him free which also means that I am giving myself a favour to set my self too. I want to live a life where I don’t have to think a lot of what my boyfriend does. I want to be in a relationship where I can  trust and feel good about. In this harsh world in life what’s more important is to find someone that will always love and protect your feelings. it’s really important that we find someone that will always be there for us. Life maybe hard but I want to walk it with someone whom I can be my shelter and my refuge.

We should never allow years to meditate our decisions in life. if it does not make sense at all then stop it. For me allowing yourself to be happy is one of the great things in life. No matter what you do in life being who you are and honest in yourself still matters. You have to walk away in a relationship that won’t add up on your life. Just like what I did, I thought I made a huge mistake for breaking up with someone I love but thats also the reason that I made it on top. Now I am finally happy and free. I am not rushing into love again.

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