3 Tips for Choosing the Best Outdoor Decking Products

Outdoor decks are a good place for hosting an alfresco dinner party or doing recreational activities with your family and friends. But the options when building or updating it can be overwhelming. Should you choose wood or composite decking? Plastic or aluminum?

With so many outdoor decking products available, it’s challenging to know which will be the best and right for your home. Use these tips to consider options that fit your budget and help create the outdoor space you’ve really wanted.

1. Know the different types of decking materials.

Do you love the look and feel of real wood? Or do you prefer a low-maintenance material like wood-composite decking? How about a lighter-weight material such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) decking? Natural wood, wood-composite, and PVC decking are the three most commonly used materials for decking. And getting familiar with these will help define your deck and shape your budget.

Let’s take a look at their pros and cons.


Wood Decking. It’s authentic and gives a natural warmth. It also has the lowest upfront cost.

Composite Decking. It requires low maintenance and can resemble exotic wood species.

PVC Decking. It never needs a protective finish and will never rot.


Wood Decking. If unmaintained, it can easily crack, split, and change color.

Composite Decking. It is more expensive than wood and available in a limited range of colors.

PVC Decking. It tends to discolor when used with rubber or other PVC products.

Other decking materials include timber floor decking, redwood decking, ipe, and more.

2. Consider safety.

Your outdoor deck will be the best place for you to grill and dine with your family or use it as your gym or remote office. So it’s imperative to make sure it’s safe.

If you’re shopping for new outdoor decking products, consider their slip factor. Wood and aluminum decking types are known to resist slip best in both wet and dry conditions. It can be dangerous if you are out on your deck after rain, and your deck is slip-proof.

Another way to reduce slip is by adding outdoor area rugs that are water- and stain-resistant. Be sure that they’re also protected and regularly cleaned to prevent mold growth.

3. Illuminate your deck and increase security.

Lighting does not only add pleasure to an outdoor deck but also increases safety and security. With a well-designed deck lighting, you can enjoy your deck even when the sun sets.

Step and deck path lights can safely illuminate traffic throughout your deck and help enhance the view from indoors at night. Other types of deck lighting include balusters, downlights, hanging deck lights, in-floor lighting, under-table lighting, and post caps and rail lights.

So many factors come into play when choosing the best outdoor decking products for your home. Before you start shopping online or head to the store, it’s best to be prepared and informed. Remember these tips and gather inspiration from outdoor decking ideas. Once you narrow down your choices, you can start evaluating your options and choose the right one for your home.